Monday, July 15, 2013

memorial day weekend

We were so excited that Aunt Erin and Gene came to visit us over Memorial Day Weekend.  Jimmy knows that if Aunt Erin is in town, that means we will do lots of fun stuff and go on adventures.  He remembered an old adventure we had gone on to the Rio Salado Audubon Center and asked if we could go again.  We took our binoculars and managed to spot a few large birds.  It was pretty hot so the boys didn't last long, but it's a pretty fun little sanctuary that doesn't seem like it should be in the middle of Phoenix.  I would recommend going early in the morning or in cooler weather.
The next adventure was to the Drive-In Movie Theatre to see Epic.  It really turned out to be an adventure... and by that I actually mean a disaster.  Okay, it wasn't terrible, but it felt like everything was against us from the start.  Despite getting there about a half hour before the movie started we waited in line until the movie was already starting.  Apparently we got in a bad line that was moving 4 times slower than all the rest since it had one person working two lines and apparently her credit card machine was giving her lots of trouble.  Unfortunately, once your car is in the line you are stuck.  It is like a mild form of torture.  My dad was trying so hard to be the patient voice of reason, but by the end I think he was about to lose it.  The three kids in the car whining didn't help, and then Finn tried to tell the lady that he was really 6 years old and not 5 and I had to attempt to silence him so we wouldn't have to pay extra.  He did not understand why we were telling him to withhold the truth.  What rotten adults we are.  By the time we got into the movie it was very crowded and we only got a spot on the end which just so happened to be right next to a theatre playing Fast and the Furious Part 14.   We were already having trouble hearing our movie through our car speakers and our little portable radio, but once that other movie started there was very little hope of understanding what was happening in Epic.  Jimmy and Finn ended up sitting in the car and facing backwards.  Fortunately, Gus was completely happy just watching and hearing very little of the dialogue.  Then at the very end, just to top things off, my Dad's truck battery died because we had left the doors open the whole time and covered up one of the lights.  Whoops. We had to ask a kind stranger (with crying kids in his car) for a jump start.  I said we should have demanded a refund, but that would probably have just caused more trouble. I took one picture that isn't great, but kind helps capture the overall mood.
We managed to turn things around a bit by getting out the Slip'n'Slide on Sunday for all the cousins.
How could this not make the kids happy?
Gus loved it, but he didn't quite get the whole run and jump idea.  He mostly just laid on it.
Baabee and Uncle Pete helped him out a bit by just throwing him.
The big kids were pretty good at it though.
Jack probably could have gone right off the end.
Jimmy and Finn were by far the biggest fans.  They must have run together dozens of times.
The were just laughing hysterically and being the cutest little buddies you ever saw.
Dot enjoyed from the sidelines.
It also made a good drinking fountain.
And even after it was turned off, it was a nice place to lounge.
We got Spinato's Pizza since it is Erin's favorite and just hung out on our patio.
Gus got some pool time with Dot where he managed to steal a kiss.
He got some major "cheek calibration" from Uncle Pete.
And he managed to get in on some wrestling with Finn and Jimmy.
We were so happy Aunt Erin brought Gene to share in all our antics.
He made our antics even more entertaining by putting on an impromptu "Que Pastas" concert for the kids. (Note: That is his very awesome kids band that you can check out here.)
His CD is on repeat in our car so the kids were pretty excited to have a live show.
He is kind of a celebrity around here now.
On Memorial Day we all hung out at the Burch House for some swimming.
... some swinging.
... some soccer.
... another living room "Que Pastas" concert.
... and at least one very good nap.
Can't wait until you come back again Erin!


  1. Oh Erin, I'm so jealous of you. And Angie. The two of you are such good aunts and see those kiddos so often. And, let's get real, I miss you, too.

  2. I lol'ed at the pictures of Gus lying on the s n' s!! That little guy is my favorite ever. Bummer about the drive in. We're always saying we're going to take the kids one of these days. It seems like such a good idea! We lie about our kids ages all the time, that or we honestly can't remember whose birth year is whose!

  3. I love all those babies all around! How wonderful :)

  4. It's killing me! The cuteness is too much. Can't wait to see you guys. 10 DAYS!!!!