Thursday, July 11, 2013

start of summer 2013

*This and future posts may seem out of date.  I wrote them awhile ago, but they were awaiting editing and such.  I have been busy with other more important life events such as having a baby.  Don't ever expect this blog to be "up to date." 
We have been having a great start to the summer season.  
Sure Phoenix gets a bad rep in the summer, but as a native I am usually quick to jump to its defense.  As everyone says, "It is a dry heat."  Regardless of how dry, when it is 117 degrees it is brutal, but I would take this hot desert over anyplace that is humid and 95 degrees.   You just hide inside when it gets too hot and be happy you don't have to deal with seasonal depression the way people in snowy paces do.   I will admit that when I am watching Hulu late at night and I see a commercial for San Diego with a catchy song and people having fun at the beach, I start to drool a little bit.  If I had a good reason to move there I would do it, but just the same I am a Phoenix lover through and through.  Sure you look forward to a break, but isn't summer when everyone plans vacations anyway?  It stinks if you can't afford to escape, but a short 2 hour drive can take you to cooler weather on a small budget.   We have been lucky enough to have somewhere to escape to most years and are looking forward to a family reunion in Colorado this year.  Even without a vacation on the horizon I look forward to summer.  My sister would even go so far as to tell you that June is, in fact, her favorite month.  I personally would probably still say December, but still appreciate so many things about summer.  I loved it as a kid because it meant no school and lots of swimming.  As my kids get older I will appreciate the no school thing more (I think), but having a teacher for a husband makes me appreciate it plenty right now.  He is teaching summer school for half days, but he will have all of July off which will be great since we will also have a new baby around.  The kids complain a bit about the hot car, but they look forward to it as well.  Jimmy was so excited that he and I made a long list of fun things to this summer. Here are a few we have done so far:

Early Morning Bike Rides
Playing in the Kiddie Pool:
Making Smoothies and Homemade Popsicles:
Swimming at Baabee's 
(also Mimi's, Burch's, and many other friends houses, too):
Swim Lesson through Phoenix Parks and Rec:
Making Dinosaurs Eggs:
This is a Pinterest idea that my kids loved.  Check out Projects for Preschoolers for the recipe.  
They kind of look like poop more than eggs, but the kids didn't pick up on that.
When we had the Burch cousins over, we hid them in the yard like Easter Eggs and the kids all had to find one.  
It took some "hot and cold" hints for the younger kids, but it made the whole thing even more fun.
  They thought it was so fun we had to do it multiple times before they even wanted to break them open.  
Then they really enjoyed that we let them use a mallet.
Even though my boys helped make them they were excited to see which dinosaur was inside their egg.
Marble Races from a Pool Noodle:
(another handy use of the pool noodles I got for free thanks to the Children's Museum and a good friend)
Marshmellow and Toothpick Sculptures:
(okay the picture is from February, but we have repeated it)
Pizza Box Soccer:
Backyard Dinosaur Ball with Nana:
...And, of course, just the joy of having Nana come two times this summer.
(and other family members that have and will be visiting as well)
Doing the Library Summer Reading Program:
Thanks to a college friend of mine mentioning it on Facebook, Gus discovered a new favorite book by his favorite author.  
The firefly just happens to be names Gus.
We finished the required reading in a little over a week.  
It is pretty easy when you have this goofy guy reading to you:
Milkshakes at McAlpine's Drug Store:
Visiting Splash Pads:
Still To Go on the Summer Bucket List:
Road Trip to Colorada
Science Center
AZ Natural History Museum
Phoenix Children's Museum
Phoenix Zoo (Splash Pad mostly)
Bird Watching at the Audubon Society
Little Gym Class
Drive-In Movie Night
Red Box Movie Night
Monster's University in the theatre
Dinosaur McDonalds
Make a Homemade Carwash
Go to Library Special Events
Have a Treasure Hunt
Make a Pie
Fort Day
Board Game Day
Christmas Train in July Day
Vacation Bible School
Have a New Baby!!

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