Saturday, July 20, 2013

father's day 2013

The boys love making breakfast in bed for Dad even though it isn't really Dad's favorite.  He doesn't really like to eat the second he wakes up, but he is a good sport for the boys sake... because it is really for them right? (And yes, I had a dollhouse in my bedroom for awhile, which my husband was also not a fan of, but we needed some extra room where it usually lives.  At least now we know we have a girl that we are actually keeping it for!)
The boys made these cute cards for Dad.
Jimmy drew a golf course since Father's Day usually revolves around that sport (except not this year).
Gus is so proud of his smiley faces and his ability to trace letters I write for him.
 Dad had been begging for an iPad for a long time, but I insisted we did not need one.
I am also really cheap so he never expects me to buy him frivolous, expensive presents.  
Actually, he is right because I wouldn't have done it if a bunch of his family members hadn't chipped in.
Needless to say he was pretty shocked.
I was a little unsure about bringing this new technology into our house and I am still not 100% convinced.  Zach claims he really wants it for school stuff, but I am pretty sure it is more for fun.  The boys beg to play on it so we have had to establish pretty strict rules.  They have to earn anytime on it by doing chores or having no time outs for a whole day.  Then we put on a timer to make sure we don't lose track of the time.  They also aren't allowed to carry it around.  I have heard too many stories about kids dropping them.  We have only put free aps on it so far, but haven't found any great educational ones.  Some of the games involve a lot a good problem solving, but something with reading or math would be nice, too.  It seems like everything free only gives you the beginning levels and then makes you pay.  Anyone out there have good suggestions for free (or very cheap) aps that they would recommend for a 2 and 5 year old?  Also, is there an ap that will turn off the iPad if it enters the bathroom?  I would pay for that one.

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