Sunday, May 12, 2013

weisses from wisconsin

Back in April we were blessed enough to have a visit from some of our favorite cousins from Wisconsin.  Zach's cousin, Brian, and his wife, Shelly, decided to spend their spring break away from the cold and come to Phoenix.  Fortunately, that meant their two boys Owen and Ben would also be coming which made our two boys pretty excited.  They got in on Easter so we got to spend the holiday with them and the boys had fun running around the house and being goofy together.  Zach didn't have his spring break that week so he had to miss out on some of the fun, but the boys and I had quite an event filled week.  First stop was the Phoenix Zoo.
I think some of the monkeys escaped from their cages while we were there...
Next stop was McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park for train rides, carousel rides, playgrounds, and kites.
All the boys took a crack at the kite despite the lack of wind, but poor Gus just couldn't get it up.
It was fun to watch him try though.
What cute buddies these guys are:
We also got to go swimming at their hotel pool.  It was our first dip of the year and it was still a bit chilly, but the boys loved it.
One evening we took them to Pizzeria Bianco because apparently that is what we like to do with out of town guests.
Despite the build-up no one was disappointed in the pizza.
Last stop: Los Olivos.  We couldn't let them leave AZ without some great Mexican food, too.
We miss you guys already and the boys are already asking when we will see you again.  Not soon enough surely. 

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