Friday, May 24, 2013

summer haircuts

Dad always insists that the boys get a nice short haircut for the summer.  I am not one to love really long locks on boys, but I ,like it a little long.  However, I am pretty lousy at cutting hair and hate to pay for it to get cut.  Also since I figure Dad really know better on the matter, I have to let him to do it.  
Here they are BEFORE:
 Unlike his brother, Jimmy is not a fan of the buzzing process, but he did let me snap a shot with his hair half done which he thought was funny.
 Here is how they felt about the cuts:
 Okay, not really.  Sometime they just don't like to smile when I ask.  They actually were pleased.  
Gus said it looked "so beautiful."
Heck, they are cute no matter what their hair looks like.  Why do I even worry?

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