Thursday, May 16, 2013

preschool rocket day

A guy came to Jimmy's Preschool from the Arizona Science Center to help the kids build and launch rockets.  
Even though it wasn't our regular school day we got to come for the event which meant Gus and I got to be there, too.... which obviously meant I took lots of pictures.

Gus was pretty good and was excited to walk in the back of the line and hold Miss Ilda's hand. He loves her.
I love getting to watch Jimmy play at school.  
He has loved his school and is always excited to go every day.
All the rockets got filled up with the fuel and the kids patiently waited for their turns.
Jimmy was pretty excited for his turn and we were all impressed by how high they actually go.
I have videos that Jimmy loves to watch, but posting them is too much trouble.  Basically they went higher than the trees.
Our friend Ann took her turn, too.
I love their expressions as they watch the rockets go up.
Yay, Rockets!

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