Wednesday, March 27, 2013

zoo with the pauls

We recently had a zoo date with my friend Suzanne and her two girls.  
We came across a white stead which was appropriate for the two princesses we were with.
Somehow this was the first time we came across the bald eagles.  
I guess we have never ventured very far into the children's zoo because we also found lots of fun animal statues to play on.  
Good thing the kids like posing for us.
The girls were excited to find Aslan since they have been reading Narnia with their dad.  We really need to read those with the boys now, too. 
I just wish Gus would have been in this picture too because then they would look just like Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. 
Thanks for a fun outing Pauls!

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! How cute are the princess dresses! I can't wait to kiss on those boys. Warn them that cousin Brooke is crazy.