Monday, April 1, 2013

st. patty's day 2013

In case you don't know us already, we love St. Patrick's Day in our house.  My parents always made a big deal of it and I try to carry on that tradition with my children.  I didn't go quite as all out as last year with green decorations, but I did get out the green place settings for breakfast so we could eat our once a year box of Lucky Charms with green milk.  Jimmy helped me cut out shamrocks for our window and I tried to get some carnations to turn green.  They ended up with traces of green, but hardly the exciting color change the boys were expecting.  I guess I should have just gotten the ones the store had already dyed.  Lesson learned.
Gus kept putting this napkin on his head which I thought was hilarious since it made him look like a little Irish Lass.
...obviously a good Catholic one who says her prayers.
The boys were pumped in anticipation for the big block party so it was hard to hold them off and keep them entertained until the afternoon.  
They just decided to have wrestling matches with dad to keep in the spirit.
This year's pub was as impressive as ever.
(For more pictures check out my sister's blog)
Here are the crazy guys who are behind the bar and behind it all:
I liked this new addition that my dad made:
And this Guiness Tap was Pete's doing:
My boys enjoyed themselves even before the real party began.
This year's Cutest Little Irishmen Award went to Isaiah Speier because... well look at him.
(I can't decide if I like the hat or his knees better)
There were tons of cute, goofy kids around and plenty of things to keep them entertained.
Zach and Luke tried hard in the Cornhole tournament, but it didn't end the way they wanted.
I won't even mention who won.
The photo wall is always a favorite spot.
I, of course, waited unti it was a little later and didn't really manage to get a great one with my family this year.  
Oh well, we can get one next year when I have another kid to throw in the mix.
Gus has found a new buddy in Declan and the two of them just wanted to play inside together the whole time.... and wrestle.
My allergies were the WORST (thanks pregnancy) so I felt like a bit of a pooper, but we did stay pretty late dancing to Vinyl Station with friends.
Gus and Declan both kept trying to lay down on this rug that was right in the walkway into the pub.
My the end of the night, I felt ready to join them.  My husband kindly agreed to leave the fun since I was feeling a bit stinky, but the boys did make it to 10:00 before they both passed out on the drive home.  I hear there were a bit more shenanigans after we left, but I won't get into that.
Can't wait till next year!

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