Sunday, March 24, 2013

valentine's 2013

Valentine's always ends up being a last minute holiday for us.  Most years we end up making our cards on Valentine's Day and nobody gets them on time if at all.  I was a little bit better this year since Jimmy was in school and I had to be prepared for that.  He was very excited to pick out Star Wars Lego Valentines and write the names of all his classmates on them.  
I haven't really made any cute decorations that I dream about and pin pictures of onto my Valentine Board, but thankfully Jimmy brought home lots of cute stuff from school this year.  Good thing I never took down the clothespins I put up for Christmas cards.   They gave us a good spot to hang all our cards and creations in cattywampus chaos.
Jimmy was particularly proud of his hanging bird made out of two hearts with a message inside.  He could never decide who he wanted to give it to so I told him we can just keep it for our family.  He also made a cute wind sock that liked to sprinkle glitter everywhere.... I hate glitter... but I still loved it.
Then I got to have a special date with not just one guy, but the three cutest boys on Earth!
Who could ask for anything more?

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