Wednesday, March 20, 2013

snow trip 2013

We try to take one trip up to Northern Arizona every year to get in a little snow time for the boys.  We usually hit up Flagstaff especially since my kind uncle/godfather has offered us his cabin up there the last two years.  Martin Luther King weekend has become the tradition as of late.  After a Saturday morning of packing up the car we headed north and made it to the Rock Springs Cafe just in time for lunch. 
 It is a fun little historic hole-in the-wall famous for it's pies.   Sadly we were too full from our meal to actually buy one.   I was having trouble deciding anyhow since they all sounded and looked so good.  Next time we just need to take one for the road.  I would recommend the burgers and brisket, but not the kids hot dogs (if my kids wouldn't finish them then you know they were bad.)
 The boys had fun on all the old-timey contraptions out front to ride on.
 Once we made it to the cabin the boys were happy to see that there was still snow on the ground... even if it was a little hard and icy.  They ran right into it and played for quite awhile. 
Sunday morning, we headed into town to meet up with my dad and our friends the Kerstings. 
The boys always love stopping at the train station to catch a few trains going by.
 These little buddies were excited to see each other as usual:
 After getting some recommendations from the Visitor's Center, we decided to try out Wing Mountain because even though it costs a little bit of money it was our best bet for finding decent snow hills after there hadn't been any fresh snow.  Not sure if it was the best choice since we had to wait in a super long line of cars and it was also extremely crowded once we got in.  However, we could have spent lots of time searching for something better and never found it, so we will just be happy with what we got.  
 Apparently they "groom" the snow to keep it fresh, but it was pretty packed and icy.  The kids didn't know any better and were happy little sledders. 
 We started on some low slopes and then moved to some bigger hills. For me this is when it got slightly frightening as I pushed my children down just praying that they didn't tip over or more likely crash into a much larger person.  Jimmy was ready to head to the steepest hills with his dad, but thankfully for my fragile little heart that never happened.
 I think baby Blaise has the best situation by far.
The kids were a little frustrated by how hard it was to make snowballs, but we managed okay. A snowman was out of the question, but we did find one somebody else had made and we added a face and arms so Jimmy and Lucia could take some ownership of it.  
We found a little area that hadn't been trampled yet, and had some snow ball wars and played some snow baseball until the kids little hands were frozen and it was time to go home.  Getting cozy by the fire with your Baabee is half of the fun anyway.
The dads found a 1000 piece dinosaur puzzle that they agonized over for the next two days.
 The next morning there where around 15 deer behind the house and the kids thought it was awesome.
 Before heading out on Monday, we got in a little more snow time in the backyard.  
 Kolbe loved eating the snow.  You would think it was ice cream.
 We attempted to build two snow forts so we could have a battle, but somehow the kids hands froze much faster than the day before and they all wanted to go back inside (I never got a picture of the forts either since there was such a mass exodus of tears and whining). And the puzzle never got finished thanks to one missing piece.  I thought it was kind of funny, but Zach and John would disagree.  At least they were really good at helping clean the house during their efforts to find it.
Hopefully, we will be back again next year.  It is so nice knowing that the snow is only a two hour drive away in the winter and I never have to shovel it off of my own driveway.  

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