Thursday, August 30, 2012

crab night

Zach's favorite night at the beach is surely Crab Night.
This is, of course, when we order a bunch of crabs and sit outside to break them all open and dip them in butter.  
Some people don't like all the work it takes to get so little food, but Zach thinks it is all part of the fun.  The boys little agreed. 
Most of the kids screamed a lot when we put the crabs into the pots.
If wish I could post a video because it was pretty darn funny.
Most of them changed their tune once they ate it, but some stayed far away.
The hammers surely add an extra element of fun, that Gus appreciated.
Although, he did hit a lot of other things with that hammer so I didn't exactly love it.
I have to admit it is pretty good, but really what isn't when it is soaked in garlic butter?
I love this brothers shot of Nano and Uncle Kringle. 
I should have gotten Uncle Tony in there, too, so all the missing brothers would feel left out, and actually come to the beach next time.
Some of the kids might have liked the blue cotton candy more than the crabs
... not my boys, of course, since they are their father's sons. But they like it.
Yay, Crabs!

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  1. I love the cute family photo of the four of you. So sweet!