Tuesday, September 4, 2012

fun by the pool

We loved having a pool at the beach house.
The kids loved Zach throwing them into the air.
Jimmy insisted on wearing the life jacket to try this, but these days he can proudly do it without.
Nano had fun with the kids in the pool, too.
Especially when he was making Gus cry.
At least Owen could always get a smile out him.
Unlike me...
Gus loved the ball toss game. 
He got pretty good at it, but mostly he liked stealing other people's balls or running in harms way.
Zach was pretty good at making Penny laugh and smile.
The hot tub was pretty popular as well.  At first it was just for the grown-ups, but then it stopped really working and was just sort of warm.  Then the kids were the only ones who like it.  Gus called it the "Hot Pool."  It was the only place we got a picture of all the kids together.

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