Monday, August 6, 2012

michelle and ben's wedding

After a lovely church ceremony, we all headed over to Glen Echo Park in Maryland for the reception.  It is an old amusement park that is no longer running.  It was a pretty fun place for the reception despite the wicked heat, but being there made me wish it was still at its best.  It seems like it would have been amazing.  There used to be a huge roller coaster and all sorts of rides.  Now the carousel is the only thing still running and the parks department uses that rest of the facilities.  Until a few weeks before the wedding there was a really cool old trolley car parked right in front.  The bride and groom had planned on taking pictures with it, but sadly it was taken away without warning.  At least the picture opportunities were abundant.... as I will make clear here.
 The reception was in the old bumper car pavilion.
 The popcorn was a good start to the evening.
 The boys looked quite cute in their pink bow ties, suspenders, and Chucks, but they didn't stay put together for long thanks to the heat.
Nana stripped Gus down to his diaper.
Jimmy wasn't quite ready to be naked, but he slowly fell apart.
 Thank goodness for the carousel rides to keep them happy.
 Here is my favorite one of the happy family:
 The pavillion looked quite lovely.
(Some awesome people must have helped set it up)
But, of course, my personal favorite part was the photo booth created by Zach and I.
We made this as a wedding present to Ben and Michelle.  We used a computer program called Sparkbooth and a photo printer that printed two copies.  The guests got to take one home and leave one with a note for the newlyweds to put in their guest book.

I will post more details on this and some more of the real pictures in a later post, but for now here are some that I snapped of people with my own camera.
My boys both loved the props.
Most people seemed to get into the spirit.

I managed to make it on the dance floor for a little while with two of my favorite dance partners.
 One of the more entertaining moments of the evening was Michelle singing the song "Ignition"
(I enjoy Ben watching her in the background):
Then, of course, there were the obligatory speeches. 
Angie didn't want to give hers alone so she made Natalie do it with her.  They were pretty cute.
Here's to Ben and Michelle Trueheart!
It was a great party and we are so happy for you!


  1. I LOVE the first picture of Gus eating popcorn that is soooo a senior yearbook picture.
    Check out your muscle when you are picking Jimmy up on the dance floor whoot whoot! super cool photo booth and I love the brides dress. Really cool post

  2. Glen Echo Park is the best!!! So fun!