Thursday, August 2, 2012

ladies in waiting

Well, you won't be seeing any pictures from Zach's sister's actual wedding ceremony here, seeing as I was in it and could not take pictures of it.  
But I did snap a few while we waited in the wings.
The bride with her mom and sisters.
Keeping Gus entertained took some effort.  Good thing I brought graham crackers.  I was pretty sure I was going to have to miss most of the ceremony due to this little guy.  He refused to sit in the wagon with Penelope so I had to carry him down the aisle, but I knew after that he wouldn't last long, seeing as we spend most days at church in the back.  Fortunately, Uncle Tony came to the rescue and took him out for me.  It turned out there were a few other kids who also couldn't sit still in church to keep company.
Jimmy drew dinosaurs on a church bulletin while we waited, but he asked at least a million times when it would start.  When the time came, he did a great job pulling Penny in the wagon.  And then during the vows, he fell asleep on the front pew. It was pretty funny because he fell asleep on his arm and the button from his shirtsleeve left a big circle on his cheek.
I liked these last few pictures I got of Michelle.  I think they really capture the moment.

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