Thursday, December 29, 2011

tree trimming

We spent a long time looking for the perfect tree at Home Depot and we finally settled because the kids were too restless with our perfectionism.  There is not too much of a story to tell, but I am going to say that I highly dislike LED lights on Christmas trees.  However, thanks to one strand of our old lights burning out we were forced by my eldest son's sadness to go buy whatever was left on the skattered and tattered shelves at LawnMort (that is our own little pet name for the awful place known as Walmart... long story).  They may save on energy, but they just look too weird to me.  But then again, I hate change.
 These are the classic lights and as you can see half of them are burned out.
 Don't get me wrong we all still have loved this tree and sitting by it at night with the lights out is just lovely, but it is different.  
Gus really loved the tree...
 Especially pulling things off of it.
 Jimmy got to put on our new fancy $1 Ikea star!... someday I will find one I love but for now this will do.
The Blue LED lights also can't handle photography.  I could not get a normal looking picture of our tree this year no matter how hard I tried.  So if anyone wants a bunch of LEDs for their house next year, these ones should be up for grabs.  At least we still have ornaments that make me very happy to unpack every year.  Here is my Baby's First Christmas from 1982:
Anybody else out there have the same one?  It is Hallmark so I am sure it was a big seller that year.  I couldn't find one I like last year for Gus so I just never got one for him.  I am still on the lookout for something that is missing the year so that he won't know I bought it a year or two late.  Unfortunately, they just don't make them like they used to.  Here are a couple other favorites from my childhood:
Here is a new one that Jimmy and I made as a little craft project one day:
O, Christmas Tree.


  1. We hate LED too. Justin insists on the big ones and I like the small ones so we do both. But LED just ruin the whole thing. Also, I have the ornament too!

  2. Yay for 1982! Could you have possible just gotten cooler than you already were Katy? Wait no, it was always there I just finally put my finger on that special something about you. I think all babies born in 1982 are better people if their parent's bought them that ornament.
    My family always did big light so it was hard for me to convert. I think the fact that Zach's parent's gave us a bunch of small ones for free the first Christmas we were married helped seal the deal. I am cheap so I like free stuff. I also, just realized that we have had used lights for the last five years so I really should have foreseen this disaster.