Monday, December 5, 2011

jimmy turns 4!!!

Having your birthday the day after Halloween is interesting.  On the one hand you have lots of candy to eat on a day you can pretty much ask for anything, but on the other hand everyone is usually tired and partied out.  After all the previous celebrations, I know we were tired by the time Jimmy's real birthday came around.  One bonus of it being All Saints Day was that his cousins had the day off of school.  I think the best present of all for Jimmy was just having them over to play.  They brought him donuts which was also pretty exciting. 
 Jimmy told Mom and Dad that he just wanted a surprise for his present (How great right?).
He got this playmobil pterodactyl that he had never even seen before, but was thoroughly thrilled to discover. 
 I think his favorite gift might have been the recycling truck from Aunt Michelle, Uncle Ben, and Penelope.  
He immediately thought of how we could use it to play the ending of Toy Story 3.
 Mimi and Johnny came over that night and brought him lots of Cars stuff....
We can never have enough.
 As per usual, Dad had to get Jimmy a Lego set.
 Jimmy wanted frosted brownies and he helped me decorate them with pirate stuff.
 The Kerstings and Baabee came over to celebrate that evening as well.  
Jimmy pretty much had visitors all day because Uncle Danny came over during the middle of the day to play.  It was a non-stop celebration and by the end, I was for sure ready to stop.  Jimmy couldn't have been happier.  I can't believe he is so big!


  1. How cute! I wish our kiddos could play together. They would have a blast.