Friday, December 23, 2011

aps electric light parade

It has become a tradition for us the past few years to start off the holiday season by going to the Electric Light Parade.  Jimmy pretty much counts on it.  It is close to my dad's house, so he always drives his truck to a prime parking space early in the day so we have good place to sit.  We make hot cocoa and take a quick walk over right as it starts so the kids don't even have to sit around waiting or anything.  Pretty idea... usually.  The first half was great.  And then it poured rain.  We had an umbrella and managed to keep the boys dry.  Jimmy really wanted to hold out to see Santa at the end of the parade on the firetruck and Gus was still happy so we were one of the few families that stayed till the end.  Jimmy was happy and at very least it was a memorable adventure.
 Gus loved the lights and sat contentedly the whole time.
(FYI, that is not his norm)
We are always happy when Uncle Danny comes along, too!
 Finally, we saw the man of the hour (he is the red and white speck in the front):
And then we booked it home.

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