Friday, December 9, 2011

thank you notes

I am a terrible person, I should be writing them right now instead of doing this, but I have gotten so backlogged that it completely overwhelms me and I never start them.  Also, the thought of it bores me to tears.  Sure I have a lot of things that become real priorities such my job and my kids and laundry, but for as much time as I spend on Facebook and Pinterest, I have no real good excuse.  My mother would be very disappointed in me.  I know she would be understanding of being very busy, but she wouldn't let me off the hook.  She taught me better than this and the guilt will linger until I do something.  Post Christmas maybe?  Then I can write multiple thanks into one card.  Such as, "Thank you for the adorable baby present for Gus and his first Christmas present and the one you sent this year and also his birthday present and all the gifts for Jimmy, too." That should also save me on postage, which will thrill the cheapskate in me.  Maybe I secretly planned it this way.  However, I can't remember a lot of the things I need to say thank you for anymore because I never wrote them down when Gus was born.  That was my first big mistake.  To the few of you that read this that made me meals and brought him gifts,  I say thanks and I am sorry. I don't really remember what came from who anymore.  At one point I even had this cute idea of posting pictures of  Gus wearing outfits that people had sent him and then emailing the post out instead of a real card.  Even that idea proved too much for me.  I think I am writing this so late at night to just get it off my chest.  And also perhaps to make myself feel a little less guilty for doing lots of other things tonight that were not writing thank you notes.  Let's hope it will give me the motivation to start trying to tackle this project.  But like I said, after Christmas.


  1. Take a picture with Gus and Jimmy and either have them hold a sign or photoshop it in or just make a card at a kodak station that says something along the lines of "Sorry we've been so busy, but just wanted to say Thank You for everything you've done for us this year!" and you can include any little messages "Jimmy loved the toy" "Gus wore out those onesies he loved them so much" on the back if you feel you need to elaborate or include a card for the extra special givers on your list.
    p.s. I'm the same way about thank you cards!

  2. You are doing what a Mother would be proud of...making sure your children are happy, challenged, having fun, using their imagination...oh the list is endless for you sweet girl. Do what you can about thank you notes but keep making sure your priority is your family!

  3. Thanks guys. I like your idea Molly. I think I will do something along those lines after the holidays. I am feeling more motivated by it now!