Monday, July 26, 2010

north shore: sunset beach

We went to Sunset Beach on the North Shore twice. It is a really beautiful beach because the water is really clear. It also was a pretty good place to go snorkeling as well.
This became Jimmy's favorite game and Nano was very patient to play it with Jimmy as much as he did. It consisted of drawing pictures in the sand and then watching them get "swept out to sea." This also became a favorite phrase of Jimmy's because Marty had heard a little girl one day on the beach say she thought her shovel got "swept out to sea" so Marty thought it was funny to teach Jimmy to say it.
Then Jimmy started making smiley faces using his frisbee and was very proud of his drawings.
Then they would shout, "GO AWAY WAVES! GET OUT OF HERE!" and other such things.
I have good video of it, but alas, uploading things from my real video camera seems like to daunting a task at this moment or any moment in the near future.
Here is a rainbow, but of course, it was much better for real
... but it was not DOUBLE RAINBOW or anything
Also, if I ever live in Hawaii, I want to live in a funky house like this:
It is right on the beach too!
And it had crazy stuff like this in front of it:
Anyway, we had fun as usual.
And here is why it called Sunset Beach:


  1. I was coming to give you comment love to prove that I'm a follower and to mostly repay you for yours until I realized that you get lots of fun comments on all of your posts!!! Now I don't know what I'm more jealous of- your amazing trip or your comments. Hum....I'm probably going to go with the trip, but it was a close race! All the pictures just look beautiful. I don't think we could've gotten back on the plane....

  2. These Hawaii posts have been great! It looks like you guys had so much fun.

  3. lovely pictures again! can't wait until i get to come visit you in your funky hawaiian tree house...