Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Bellows is the only private beach on Oahu because it is owned by the Military. Since we have to connections, we get to go (... this is only partly true however, because there is a section sometimes open to the public as well). I think it was probably the nicest beach we got to go to. The sand is really soft and there are good enough waves to boogie board without being so huge that you get scared. There is also a nice combination of sun and shade because the back of the beach is lined with trees. This was great for letting Jimmy take naps without roasting in the sun. I can see why the Military called dibs on this one.
Jimmy was so excited to give Nano this frisbee we got at a rummage sale that said "Hawaiian Tropic" on it. It was completely worth the 5 cents I paid for it.
If only the kid could figure out how to throw it... or catch it for that matter.
Here Jimmy is taking one of his many afternoon beach naps... I wish I had taken a few more.
Zach started playing with the Color Accent and Color Swap features on our camera:
It was cool at first, but then he just started to get crazy:
Angie and Zach did a lot of Boogie Boarding, but alas my fat belly wasn't going to go for it.
This is probably the closest we got to a good family photo... why is it so freakin' hard?

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  1. I think it looks like a perfect family photo! It kind of looks like you're photoshopped into the picture, though.