Friday, July 16, 2010

hawaiian 4th of july

So since Independence Day was on both the 4th and the 5th this year we had lots of time to celebrate. This was how Jimmy looked before any of the real festivities even began:

Thanks Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Sobey for the Flag T-Shirt which Jimmy loves.
There was a family picnic with all the neighbors at Fort Shafter so Jimmy made some new friends, but he did have some trouble sharing this big ball which he just wanted to roll down the hill one million times.

Then we went to see firework.
They were pretty far away, but we were up on a hill so at least we could see them in three different places. Jimmy was over it in about one minute. He was probably expecting something more like Disneyland when I said the word fireworks so in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have said what he were going to see. Then he just decided to curl up on my lap and try to sleep so we took him home. Angie did manage to get some cool pictures of them though:

The next day we went to Kailua to go to party at some friends of Zach's dad because there is a really big parade that runs right in front of their house. It was a really fun way to celebrate and Jimmy actually stayed into it the whole time.

Angie is joining the Navy to help pay for Med School. I think she is admiring these sailors and dreaming of the day she gets to be one so she wear the cute costumes and play in the band.

I want this car:

A group called Natural Birth Hawaii was in the parade led by a man with a big fake belly with a fetus painted on it. They had signs that said things like, "Fight for Your Right to Squat." They all cheered me on and told me how hot I was (like I need to be told) and then a five year old kid came and gave me this sign:

And Jimmy was happy to finally see the yellow fire trucks at the very end.

Marty's friends had a lovely house and a gorgeous backyard where we got to stuff ourselves on all kinds of "patriotic" food.

Jimmy loved the pool because it had a waterfall and because he is so proud of himself for learning to swim under the water. He is a little water bug lately so thank you to Phoenix Parks and Rec. for the swim lessons!

All in all, a great two days.


  1. I'm in a coffee shop supposedly finishing a paper for Fr. Maguire that was due in like March, but actually I am smiling ridiculously filled with so much joy (and jealousy) looking at your blog-- I think people think I'm crazy. No pressure, but I check like five times a day for the next post. Thanks Mary!

  2. Mary and Zach,

    This is Jessica Lynch (Duran) and I graduated with Zach. Somehow my husband, John Lynch, stumbled upon your blog and sent me the link. I've enjoyed seeing your super cute Jimmy and catching up on all that the three of you have been up to. Congratulations on the pregnancy. You are one hot momma! We also have a little boy,Thomas, and a blog. Look out for an invitation. Our blog is called Rome Goggles. Thanks for sharing and keep the pictures coming. Thomas and I look at them daily.

  3. Looks like you guys are having a great time!!!!

  4. That cars a/c would probably make you hot.

  5. I am already hot so I will take the car.