Wednesday, June 3, 2009

baabee's house

My Dad so generously let us move in with him when we got to Phoenix.  We were hoping to get a house soon and not move into an apartment, but the best laid plans...... So we are still living with him and are trying to figure out our living situation.  In the meantime we are having lots of fun living with Dad (or Baabee as his grandchildren call him).  Thanks Dad we love you!
Some of Jimmy's Favorite Activities featured above: 
Helping Build Stuff, Playing Pots and Pans, Lounging, Eating Pizza (from Red Devil or NYPD), Making Fires in the Firepit, Watching Old Movies on TCM (above is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir), Snuggling (although that one is rare), Wearing Baabee's Hig Hat, and Playing the Ukalulu.
Oh, and, of course, the rocks...
At least he has stopped eating them these days.

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