Sunday, May 31, 2009

monkey party!

J. Weisse turned one-years-old on Nov. 1, 2008. We had a Monkey Party and invited all his cousins and second cousins and good friends too.

Jack was my protege and co-party planner. He helped me turn the Burch's porch into a jungle by making vines and palm trees and hanging lots of monkeys everywhere. He was so excited about it, but I think the vision in his head was something bigger than any of us could have handled. He is my god-son and he just may take after me and become a scenic designer.
We played pin-the-banana on the monkey.

And had a monkey photo cutout (thanks Dad)

Jimmy got more presents than he could handle
And he demolished his monkey cake.

After it was all over, he had some time to start enjoying his gifts.
Here he is on his "digger."

I can't believe he is already one!  We love him so!


  1. That is so creative... we are having a watermelon and mac 'n cheese party this week for Charlotte so I should have consulted you first.

  2. You all are so creative I love it!

  3. finn and i just looked through your entire blog. when we got to the end he asked, "when jimmy coming to play with me?" we will have to have you all over very soon...

  4. This is ridiculously awesome.