Friday, June 5, 2009

a wisconsin new year

We spent about 10 days after Christmas in Wisconsin with Zach's extended family. It wasn't Jimmy's first time in snow, but I am pretty sure it is the one that made an impression on him. He learned how to say "Brrr" and "Cold" and now whenever he looks at pictures of snow he says "Nano!" since Nano was the one who played with him in the snow the most.

Jimmy was excited to see his Nano and Nana and Aunties and they were excited to see him too!

Jimmy got to meet his Great Grandparents Weisse for the first time.
We got a picture of four generations of Weisse Men.

Great-Nana did her special Italian hand game for Jimmy and he didn't want her to stop.
(It is about a little bird that gets shot and cooked, but it sounds great in Italian)

The Weisse Family Picture:

(Oh, and Michelle's boyfriend Ben too, but we put him on the end so we can cut him out if need be. They did the same thing to me once too. It is kind of a Weisse family tradition)

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