Tuesday, June 9, 2009

peanuts christmas

So Emily and I started saying how Jack and Lucy reminded us of Charlie Brown and his little sister Sally and then we realized that would probably make Finn be Pig Pen. Then we thought it would be fun to dress them all up like that for Halloween. Of course at this point we already had Halloween planned and we were too impatient to wait for next year so we got the brilliant idea of doing it at Christmas and having the kids put on a play of Charlie Brown's Christmas. We roped in the Lili to be Lucy (she ended up playing Marcie too since Audry got sick), Charlotte to be Peppermint Patty, Luke to be Linus, George to be Schroeder, and J to be Snoopy. I wrote a script that was a combination of both "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's Christmas Time Again Charlie Brown" and we decided it would be best to just film it instead of have them try to perform it for an audience since that would require less practice. Let's just say it was crazy, but we had fun. I think we should try to make it a yearly tradition so it just keeps getting better. I edited it the best I could but I am still learning iMovie. Some of the film is a little dark, but there was nothing we could do to fix it. Watch it somewhere with good speakers or you may not hear it very well. This is also the first time I put a video on my blog. It took forever and I had to make it a small version, but you can only see small screens on blogs anyway. I tried to put it on YouTube, but it was too long (they only allow ten minute videos and this is about 12). I did put it on Facebook for those of you that are on there (it is a bigger screen). This version is also very slightly shorter bacause I was trying to make the file smaller. I just hope everyone enjoys it because that is what this is all about.

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  1. Wow, that is so good for a first try. I never appreciated how well Charles Schulz did the whole kids thing until I saw this. Or how well the kids do the whole Charles Schulz thing!
    The costumes and props were done so professionally! any inside help? ; )