Monday, May 9, 2016

nora being baby mom again

I was a very shy child, but apparently one time when I was one, I got ahold of some cymbals and put on quite a show for a party of relatives.  
 I still have the dress, but not the cymbals.  Since Nora wore the dress for about a year, I wanted to buy a new pair of cymbals and take pictures of her doing the same thing.  Well, I never got around to doing that and suddenly I realized the dress was too small for her.  Before I packed it into storage I just had to at least attempt my idea so pot lids had to suffice instead of real cymbals.  She is probably a whole year older than I was in these photos and you can tell my the dress size, but I am happy I did it.  She thought it was fun and now thinks the pot lids belong to her.

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