Saturday, May 7, 2016

new playset

Nano and Nana gave the kids a new playset for Christmas this year.  The kids have put in many good hours on our old metal one, but it was starting to fall apart and we thought it was time for an upgrade. I picked it out (and took forever picking exactly what I wanted because reading reviews is torture). It took awhile to ship so it came about a month after after Christmas.  My dad came over to help Zach and Jimmy build it. Jimmy couldn't have been more excited about building it and was a great helper.
Gus and Nora were looking more forward to the finished product so the entertained themselves by using all the cardboard boxes to make a fort.  It was usually a store that sold sea shells and excepted bottle caps as payment.  Nora would just poke her head out and shout, "Seashells for sale!!" until one of us came to buy one.

 Aunt Erin and Uncle Gene showed up during their visit to give some help, too.
 We got most of it done in one weekend.  Here is the almost completed version:
 The little girls were happy to test it out for everyone...
Nora loves her "cottage" the best...
It has been so appreciated by all my kids.  They play on it almost every day.
I am sure it will bring joy for many year to come.  Thanks Nano and Nana!

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  1. So exciting! Surely there were tears when the old play set had to go? I can only imagine the inner turmoil my melancholic children would face.