Thursday, May 12, 2016

fat tuesday

I rarely get my act together for Fat Tuesday.    It always sneaks up on me and since this year Lent was starting really early, I really didn't get it together.  I usually buy cinnamon rolls in a can to make a King Cake, but I hadn't even gotten that far this year.  Fortunately, a friend was on top of things and had made a large amount of dough (and colored sprinkles) and divided it up for me and another friend who was equally not on top of things.  Jimmy had fun helping me finish off the cake. 
It turned out pretty well, but I made the slits too big and cooked it a bit too long.  It still looked pretty fun.
I was able to throw together some Jambalaya and we had some masks already so it seemed like a real Mardi Gras celebration.  
Nora was super excited to find the baby Jesus...
Now onto Lent!...

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