Thursday, August 7, 2014

nora turns one

I can't believe June marked a year since our little girl came into our lives. It has been an amazingly happy year and we all sort of forget life before we had her.   Her brothers were pretty excited about giving her the doll they picked out for her.
She was pretty excited about it as well.
She wasn't without it for much of the day.
Originally we were going to have a very small gathering for her birthday, but ended up combining it with a going away party for some friends. It turned out to be probably the biggest party we have ever had. We set up the kiddie pool and slip'n'slide and had tons of BBQ and tons of friends.  Fun was had by all.
I do insist my kids get their own cake on their first birthday.
I just love to watch this:
She ate quite a bit, but was still happy to share.
After all that we stripped her down and hosed her off and let her open a few presents.
By the end of the night most of the babies were stripped down and partying like rockstars.
(FYI, don't try taking beer away from Joseph).
It was a big busy day, but we all survived.  She is still happily reaping the benefits.
Happy Birthday Eleanor Lynn!

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