Wednesday, August 6, 2014

a few more months of nora

For awhile I was posting about Nora month by month, so I have a little catching up to do.
Basically, months 9-12 consist of her learning to do all kinds of naughty stuff.

Nine Months:
She loved to pull all the DVDs off the shelf.  I pretty much let her do this activity because it kept her entertained for awhile.  Even though I knew I would be the one cleaning it up, I calculated that it takes her longer to do it than it takes me to clean it up so in some way I am actually gaining personal time.
Pulling all the toilet paper off the roll is always a good time.
Ten Months:
Climbing into onto everything, dishwasher, bowl, you name it.
 She started getting to eat treats like popsicles.  This may look innocent, but don't try taking it away.

Eleven Months:
She can pretty much feed herself everything at this point.  
There is always a huge mess on the floor, but yay for independence!

Jimmy told me he doesn't want her to turn one.  He wants her to stay little forever.
He sure loves her a lot.
Sometimes too much, but we will take it.  Nora has to take it whether she likes it or not, I guess.

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