Wednesday, August 20, 2014

goodbye to our dear friends

Our best family friends recently moved to Texas.  Not gonna lie, we are sad about it.
 Our kids all love each other so much.  It definitely hasn't sunk in with my kids that they moved far away.  I am glad they haven't been sad about it, but I know they are going to miss them.   The kids always talked about how everyone in our family had their own "buddy"--  Jimmy and Lucia, Gus and Kolbe, Nora and Blaise, Mom and Angela, and Dad and John.  We have been blessed to have them in our lives.
We enjoyed some last days of playing together in the backyard.  The slip'n'slide made it cool enough to do that.
Gus and Kolbe might miss each other the most.  They often just refer to each other as "Buddy."  
They were born about two weeks apart and really are the best little friends.
We will at least make sure they end up as roommates at UD.
Gus and Kolbe were rarely ever together at the Kersting's house not dressed like super heroes together.
Here is a rare moment of Blaise loving on Nora instead of mauling her.  
(I mean, the mauling is always out of love, but this is the only gentle moment caught on camera)
We had them over for dinner one last time before they left.  The kids weren't so in the mood for pictures. Lucia was in the mood for trying to kiss Jimmy (who she says she wants to marry someday).  I didn't capture and pictures of this happening because they were all blurry and with Jimmy hiding under couch cushions, but I do have a good video of it that I can save to embarrass them both with someday.
Thanks to my camera timer we did finally get one picture of both of our families together.

We will be praying for you in your new adventures Kerstings, but we might also be wishing you come back someday.

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  1. So sad. Kolbe asked just yesterday if he can go over and play. We miss you guys like crazy!