Sunday, November 4, 2012

last california days

After checking out of our hotel, we checked out a yummy donut shop.
Then we headed to the beach in Carlsbad.
After some tacos for lunch, we found, the "Best Vacation Photo" spot.
I am skeptical.
Then the boys napped in the car while we drove back to LA to hang out with Angie some more.
I was trying to find "Free Things to do With Kids in LA" when I stumbled upon a little place called, Travel Town Museum.  It is in Griffith Park and has tons of old trains on display.  My boys, obviously, thought it was awesome.
Most of the Trains were closed for repairs and renovations, but there is one engine you can go on and one diner car.
Jimmy didn't get why we thought this was funny:
A train park would not be complete without one you can actually ride. 
It does cost a nominal fee that any parent would be happy to pay.
We loved the conductor whose name was Roger (I am pushing for that as our next boys name, but Zach is shooting me down as usual).  He posed for pictures with the boys and let Gus say "All Aboard" into the microphone.  Then the boys gave him high fives and Gus went in for a full, long hug goodbye.  Roger said, "That's the best.  That made it worth coming into work today."  I eat that stuff up.  He made my day by saying that.
Before we left, we had to find a good view of the Hollywood sign.  
We attempted to get some good pictures, but well....
It was tricky.
We headed back to Angie's apartment to pack up and say our goodbyes.
The boys helped her water her plants.
And then we hit the open road.
We made it home without any carsickness or major meltdowns, so I considered it successful.  
But the trip home always does seem longer doesn't it?
The next morning Jimmy started rebuilding his lego set first thing.  
I am pretty sure this toy will be one he remembers his whole life and I love that.
What a great trip!  We are so blessed.

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