Tuesday, November 13, 2012

gus' 2nd birthday

Gus' best birthday present this year was that Nano was there in the morning when he woke up.
He had been looking forward to it and talking about Nano coming for his birthday for weeks.
Gussy also got his first gummy vitamins on his birthday morning and now says, "I two years old!" every morning when he gets to eat them.
Gus got to open one present in the morning before Dad left for work
Jimmy decided he wanted to get this cash register for Gus (and himself really) after playing with it at a friend's house.  We called every Toys R Us in the Phoenix area and found only one.  We drove about 30 minutes to get it.   At least a trip to Toys R Us is always fun.  Jimmy was so excited to buy it and wrap it and give it to Gus.
Since Jimmy had gotten Hand, Foot, and Mouth the weekend before (AGAIN!!) we were still on watch for Gus (who thankfully never got it).  I was going to take the boys somewhere fun during the day with Nano, but I had to improvise.  I ran up to Target to buy some washable paint and we made it into Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint.  I didn't really follow the recipe because I just wanted to make a small amount of each color, but it worked out well enough after a little experimentation.
The boys and Nano had fun decorating our patio.
A spray bottle of vinegar makes the paint bubble up which the boys thought was super fun.
Cousins had to stay away because of the HFM but Baabee came over in the evening along with Mimi and Johnny.
Jimmy was glad to help Gus open his presents.
Gus was very excited about his Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Train figurines from Mimi and Johnny.
They attacked Nano a little bit.
Then it was time for "cake" (I make brownies because I like them better).
Gus was most excited about the candy corn on top.
We attempted a family picture.  
Even if they don 't look in the right direction, they are still really cute.
Happy Birthday to my sweet and funny little Gussy-Bub.

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  1. Hey Mary I meant to tell you- one of the doctors in the peds ER was saying that for whatever reason hand foot and mouth disease has become really common for the last year or so. This is in LA but I'm guessing that it pertains to the entire SW.