Monday, November 12, 2012

arizona museum of natural history

We went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History back in August (I only took my phone so the pictures were forgotten for awhile).  For being a seemingly small museum in Mesa, I was very impressed. The museum is very kid friendly and hands on.  There is a whole classroom set up with toys and games where we probably could have spent hours.  I was expecting Jimmy to love it since he is in full dinosaur mode, but even the littler kids were very entertained.
Through the center of the museum there is large scale diorama complete with moving and roaring dinosaurs.  There is a flash flood storm every half hour or so that sends a huge waterfall through the whole thing.  There is thunder and lightening and, needless to say, the kids loved it.
This star exhibit was one of my favorites:
Even the exhibits that kids won't love usually have large puzzles on the ground of something to entertain the kiddos.  
There were lots of things to climb in and on while the parents took a minute to learn something.
Jimmy's favorite spot was definitely the whole room of Pterosaurs. 
It was almost a good thing, I didn't bring a nice camera because these pictures barely scratch the surface of all there is to see.  We never even made it outside to "pan for gold" so I can see a trip back here in our future.

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