Friday, May 25, 2012

zoo day with nano

We were so excited to get Nano for a day and a night on his way back to Hawaii.  
We got to have an extra special zoo day with him.
And for the first time ever we got to ride the train (thanks to our membership from Nano and Nana).
It was nice to see so many animals so much faster than normal.  
The tiger was the most active I have ever seen.  He jumped up on this tree right as we drove by.
The boys were thrilled because goodness knows Jimmy always asks why we don't ever go on it.
And Gus just loves Choo-Choos.
When Gus looks at this picture below he just says "Hot. Hot."
Can you tell by his face that it was hot?
And as always we loved the monkeys.
Then we headed to the splash pad to cool down.
Gus was pretty much on auto pilot going down this slide so Nano and I took stations on opposite ends.
Then it was time to take Nano to the airport.  Gus started to cry because he didn't want him to leave.  We told him Nano had to leave on the airplane and he whimpered until he fell asleep on the drive home.  When he woke up the first thing he said was, "Nano? Airplane?"  He rarely talks about the two things separately anymore.

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  1. It was great day! Such a blessing to be able to stop in Phoenix on my way "home". MUAH!