Monday, May 14, 2012

the force is with us

Gus Kenobi and Jimmy Vader
Jimmy's favorite movie is now officially Star Wars.  It was inevitable, I suppose.  He has still only seen the first one (Episode 4), but it has had a big impact and he is already planning for Halloween.  These will not be the costumes you see at Halloween, but they will suffice in the meantime.  Jimmy used up all the money in his pineapple bank to buy the Darth Vader helmet (the talks and make the scary breathing noises) and the red light saber.  Originally, he was hoping for green (his favorite color), but this one came with the helmet and was on sale, so he decided red (his other favorite color) would be just fine.  So I guess he chose the Dark Side.  Gus still seems to be using the force for good, but he will hit you with his light sabe if you make him angry. He loves it even though it is just made out of a plastic golf club, some green streamers, and electrical tape (sorry if it is not the actual color of Obi Wan's, but let's not get knit picky). I do have a video of them having a light sabe fight, but since it ended in Gus crying, I will not be posting it. 
May The Force Be With You As Well.


  1. I have got to get Max into this. SO cute

  2. I wonder if this new obsession has anything to do with a particular cousin that is approximately Jimmy's age....