Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the end of the season

The end of our first T-ball season that is.  Jimmy had a great time and I think he learned a lot... you know, all that good stuff about playing on a team and being a good sport.  As cliche as it may seem, it is so important for your kids to learn those things through sports.  If Jimmy takes after his parents he will not be a professional athlete, but I love that he wants to play at this age and I hope that it continues for a while.  One night before his evening practice he said, "I can't wait for T-ball.  I really need to get some exercise."  That cracked me up. Perhaps I don't run him around enough at home.  I guess organized sports will be a necessity in this house since left at home with me, we mostly do art projects and play Playmobiles. However, I will take credit for spending countless hours with Gus taking swings in the backyard these days.  He does want to do everything that Jimmy does so it is no surprise.  At the rate he is going, he will certainly surpass his older brother (sorry Jimbo).  Gus swinging that bat in our yard reminds me so much of my brother Danny, and as I put the ball back on the tee again and again and again, I am even more aware of my mother's extreme amount of patience.  She was surely better at it than me since she was a born athlete, but at least I am trying. 
 Jimmy was so proud of his T-Ball pictures and put them up in his room.  While we came to the team with a few friends we already knew, we lucked out to have great coaches and a really nice group of parents to hang out with.  Jimmy got along well with all the kids and they were pretty stinkin' cute.
(Anybody else see a Jack Burch look-a-like in there?  I never noticed it in person so maybe it is just the picture)
The last game of the season was a night game which the coaches said was the most difficult because all the kids were exhausted or hungry or just plain difficult.  Still they "won" the game.
Don't they look like they are having fun?
 Actually, I don't think Jimmy had a problem with the night game, but he was looking more forward to the treats afterwords, but what kid isn't.
 I wonder what they all talk about over there in that huddle....
 Coach Chad told Gus not to cross that line.  
I told him he might turn into an old doctor in kind of like a reverse Field of Dreams situation. 
Apparently, that didn't scare him and I was wrong. 
That would have been cool to see in person though, right?
Other than cookies and juice boxes, the kids also each got a special trophy.  Jimmy didn't know this was coming, so he thought it was pretty cool... although, he didn't actually know what it was.
 Yay, for his first participation trophy ever!!
 And yay for great friends, too!

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  1. That team picture is so stinking cute. They look so little! And, oh the thrill of participation trophy. I guess some people graduate onto first place trophys, though I think mine stopped at "Most Improved"