Tuesday, October 11, 2011

phoenix children's museum free day

My Mom's Group decided to meet at the Phoenix Children's Museum because one of my friends got free passes for us all.  Really that is the only way to do it because in my opinion it is way too expensive.  I have actually never paid to get in.  Of course, going on a day when a lot of people have free admission usually makes it a little crazier, but you really can't complain when you didn't pay and all in all the crowds weren't a problem.  I have posted pics of the museum before, but since it was Gus' first trip I thought I would share again.
 The notorious "Climber"
 ... and its winged bathtub.
 I couldn't go in the climber with Jimmy since Gus wasn't allowed in so I had to watch him slowly disappear into the heights and grit my teeth.  Finally I had to have a friend watch Gus so I could go make sure Jimmy was going to come back.  He was on his way down like a good little boy and I was just being paranoid, but honestly, sometimes other kids can be mean in there.  Once at a Chik-fil-A play-place a little hoodlum jumped Jimmy and started punching him for no reason.  His mother was nowhere in sight so I had to pull the kid off before he ran away (Note: This incident was unrelated to the business practices of my favorite fast food restaurant).  I am usually pretty easy going, but then I worry that if I am too easy going it might come back to haunt me.  
 Then there is the "Noodle Forest" which is also slightly frightening to watch your kids go into without you.  
The fact that there is fun stuff on the other side to distract them from coming back doesn't help ease my anxiety.
 Jimmy loves the car section
 My cute boys riding the pencil car.
 We took our lunch break with friends in the "secret" less crowded multi-purpose room.
 Gus got to know Abby a little better.
 Then we had to stop by Jimmy's all-time favorite: The Car Wash.
 Last stop was the 3 and under room (we only have a short time before I can't take Jimmy in it).
Gus was thoroughly entertained by everything in there.
 I couldn't keep him away from this yellow ball:
 He was not walking by himself when we went (he is now!) so he spent most of the time pushing this carriage around since is served as a walker for him.  Jimmy insisted it was a lawn mower, but it did have a baby in it most of the time so I beg to differ. Then Gus just jumped in:
On our way out we stopped to take a picture with the red dragon because it reminded Jimmy of one of his most valued possessions.... more on that later.


  1. Seriously, Phoenix is the coolest!

  2. It is pretty cool for being so darn hot.

  3. The Children's Museum IS kind of scary. And way too expensive. And I hope someone from there found this post when they googled themselves. Also, Gus with that big birthing ball and his little smirk is so darn cute.