Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cassie's newport wedding

Cassie Davis has been a dear friend of mine since High School.  We both were the only girls from our grade school to not go off to the all girls Catholic School and we found each other in the theatre.  We did lots of musicals together and have always shared a love of singing and acting (although she actually rocks at both).  She does, however, claim that I am the only person to ever make her laugh and break character onstage so I take great pride in that.  I really didn't want to miss this important day in her life. So off to Newport I went with my little baby.  We got to hang out in the Bridesmaids VIP room (aka: our room) before the ceremony:
Gus was a favorite with all the ladies.
Here the groom is waiting for the ceremony to start while the birds swooped down to try eating the flower petals that they apparently thought were food.
The bride looked lovely and so very happy when she came in with her dad.
(This picture is very grainy, but I think it captures them both well.  Her dad cracked us all up when he gave a speech at the reception, but I won't elaborate.)
Cassie and Sean exchange vows.
Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Cassie Taylor:
These were the Seating Assignments.
(Note: Apparently, James Taylor was invited to the wedding.  I was so psyched to see him and then he never showed.  Rude.)
Cassie and Sean decided that since they both don't really like cake that they would serve Cold Stone at their wedding.
I got Coffee with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and it was awesome!
The little kids couldn't wait:
It was a good wedding for dancing and the music was all great.
Everybody wanted Gus as a partner.
These friends of Cassie's parents loved Gus so much that they decided to be his surrogate Grandparents for the weekend.  
They wanted to hold him for me all the time... and dance with him, too.
The Saint Mary's Girls kept the dance floor busy.
We rocked out to Fernando as usual.
This is perhaps my favorite picture of Cassie and I ever:
...It pretty much sums up our relationship for me.
And this one pretty much sums up Cassie and Sean's relationship:
They actually met doing musical theatre together which absolutely figures.
How could Cassie not marry a man who doesn't sing to her all the time?... It just wouldn't happen. 
And meanwhile, Gus found a place to nap on the floor:
... This is what happens when you are too nervous that the airline will break your nice stroller again and all you bring is a cheapo umbrella stroller. I put him in it at the end of the night.  Of course, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of him with the bride until he was asleep.
Great Wedding! Thanks for having us Cassie and Sean. We wish you many blessings.

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  1. I wish everyone had serrogate grandparents like Gus. They look like such nice people. Makes me want to snuggle and dance with 'em