Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bess and Jacob Visit

About a month ago, my best friend from college and her husband came to visit for one night on their way back from a trip to the Grand Canyon.  Bess is Jimmy's Godmother so he was so excited to see her. I was excited to see how long Jacob's hair has gotten.
We grilled and our gracious guests made a lot of delicious appetizers. 
It also happened to be the night before Bess' birthday so Jimmy and I made this awesome brownie cake.
Jimmy thinks every cake should have dinosaurs.
 The Kerstings came over, too, and all these kids ended up in the crib.
 We attempted to get a nice picture of Bess, Angela, and I.
(aka: one where we are not all sticking out green tongues... I love that picture, but I wouldn't call it good)
 We had a little breakfast on the porch before our friends had to get back on the road. 
 We loved having them at our house for the first time even if it was a short trip.
Hopefully, they will come back again soon!!

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