Wednesday, August 3, 2011

swim lessons

Once again we did swim lessons through Phoenix Parks and Rec at Roadrunner Pool.  This time we did it with our friends the Kerstings.  Having teachers for husbands has some benefits because we were able to have all our kids in lessons together since we had a parent for each kid.  I didn't know if Jimmy was quite ready to be in the level 1 class without parents since he had regressed a lot since last summer and I think I made the right choice keeping him with us.  He made great progress through the two weeks and I was all ready to get him signed up for the next level class when I realized we were going to miss half the lessons in the next session which was also the last seession.  Hopefully, next summer I can just start him where we left off.  
And, of course, popsicles on the last day make it even more fun.
 Then the parents decided we wanted a last day of class treat too, so we went to In'N'Out Burger. Yum.

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  1. Mary, this came up when I searched for Roadrunner Pool Swim Lessons. Look how little they are!