Wednesday, August 10, 2011

southern az road trip: sonoita

The next stop on our road trip was Sonoita which is in the wine country of southern Arizona.  The drive from Phoenix to Tucson is pretty ugly, but from Tucson to Sonoita was lovely with lots of grassy hills and beautiful mountains.  The temperature is also a lot cooler, which was, of course, an added bonus. 
We stopped at Sonoita Vineyards for a wine tasting which was really fun... for the grown-ups.
(picture above via Sonoita Vineyards website)
We all enjoyed the wine and bought some bottles to bring home.
These were hibiscus flowers that you put in your wine and they taste like fruit.  
Erin and I loved them, but they were too sweet for Zach... more for me that way.
 All in all, Jimmy was very patient and sat and had a snack and played while we tasted wine.  He was very curious about the room where they make the wine and wanted me to ask the lady who worked there exactly how all the machines work.  He loves to know how things work.
 Gus was a trooper through it all.  He had his fussy times, but when we got to the vineyard he had fallen asleep like this:
 Forget everything I packed for him including snacks... his favorite thing was Jimmy's markers.  
(He has since figured out how to open them so he no longer is allowed to hold them).  
Then back on the road.


  1. That is too funny about Gus and the markers. Every time we go on a trip I bring toys or the kids are now starting to pick out their own. They almost always go untouched because they find other ways to pass the time. The next time we go though, I still bring the toys because I am always worried they will be needed.

  2. I smiled at the markers...doesn't take them any time at all does it? My little Lily (granddaughter) learned to open caps, zippers, locks you name it she gets it open in record time.

    Gus is such a cutie pie! Jimmy is wonderful big brother.


  3. Thank you so much for posting your travels! It gives me motivation to get out and see new things!