Monday, August 1, 2011

blueberry pancakes

These were some of the first practice pictures I took on my phone so they must be from January or something.  Oh well, better late than never.  Jimmy wanted to make blueberry pancakes just like Curious George does in "Curious George Makes Pancakes."  George makes them with a smiley face just like this, but I don't think Jimmy was a fan of the blueberries actually being cooked. He ate them, but when we recently made them again with Aunt Angie, he just asked for plain ones.  I guess the novelty wore off.


  1. i love that you still have that yram plate! i wonder if my yroc plate still exists :)

  2. Jimmy calls it "Mommy's Face Plate." Everyone that sees it (especially Zach) likes to point out that I must have been dyslexic, but I always insist that I actually remember thinking t it was cool to spell it backwards. Nobody believes me. At least I have you. And as you know, your mom still has the whole collection of Balint kid handmade plates. Unless it broke, yours must still be around.