Friday, July 13, 2018

coffee table re-do

Our coffee table has been in my family a long time.  My mom had it in her house growing up and we had it in mine growing up.  Now that it is in my house it was pretty beat up and I had been wanting to fix it up for awhile.  I was just really hesitant to do anything to it and I felt like my kids might just wreck it again since they love to use it as a stage.  However, by last summer I was so tired of looking at it the way it was, I decided it would be my one summer project that I actually got done.  We all took turns sanding it down...
All the grooves and curves made it quite a challenge.  I knew it was going to be which is why I had already decided to only re-stain the top and then paint the bottom to match the hutch that is also in our living room. 
We were pretty happy with how it turned out...
Zach said it looks so nice that it doesn't go with the rest of our beat up stuff.  
I told him not to worry because they kids would beat it up soon enough.

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