Thursday, August 24, 2017

st. patty's 2017

St. Patty's Day had always been a favorite in our family and we do our best to celebrate in full force.
Our school is run by Irish nuns and the school mascot is the Irish so they always have a big carnival during the school day.  This year it was a day early because Friday is a half day and they need a full day to get in all the fun.
I brought Nora and Francie along to be good little helpers at the cake walk and play a few games.
After the carnival there was a whole school assembly with Irish Dancing and Singing.
On real St. Patty's the kids always look forward to their once a year breakfast of Lucky Charms (a very authentic Irish breakfast right?).  Nora wore her green dress and the boys school shirts are already the perfect attire.
And, of course, we dressed up Francie, too.  She makes a cute little leprechaun.
Nora decided to also dress all her dolls in green which then led to a tea party with all of them in her room which then led to her asking to have a real tea party in the living room.  I realized that my Irish grandmother and mother would have loved nothing more and that it was in fact the perfect way to celebrate that day.
She had so much fun setting and decorating the coffee table and helping make the tea.
All the dolls in green dresses came for the fun...
It was so spur of the moment and it made not only her day, but mine.
That night she had t-ball game, but we still managed to make some Irish stew for dinner.
I tend to miss my mom a little extra on St. Patrick's day because it was her favorite.  My siblings and I have a running thing about how we will often be doing something that reminds us of our mom and then we notice it is 11:11.  Of course, the opposite is also now true because when I see that it is 11:11 I think of my mom.   I happened to see it on my phone that day so I snapped a picture.  I know she was enjoying our celebrations with us.  
St. Patrick, Pray for Us!

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