Thursday, August 17, 2017

snow trip 2017

We were so happy we actually made it up to Flagstaff for snow this year since it never happened last year.  My Uncle Dick kindly let us stay at his cabin again which we are always super grateful for.
Some good friends met us up there to join in our search for snow.  But before that we headed to Downtown Flagstaff.  It is fun to just walk around and we always love going up to the train station and watching the trains go by...
I always love when I actually have an excuse to get my kids into this outfit...
We were a little worried that we might not find any snow since there was no snow in town and all the designated sledding areas were closed, but we managed to find a good spot on the road up to the Snow Bowl.  I actually prefer these sort of private spots to the places where tons of people are sledding.  I will gladly take smaller hills if no one else is on them.
The kids all had tons of fun...

The littler kids were all good sports, too.
Although the snow was not the best for snow men when was frustrating to some...
But you can still have snow ball fights!
...and that is their dog, not a wolf that we were trying to capture.
I love trips with this cute family!

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