Monday, August 29, 2016

nora's minnie mouse birthday

Since Nana was in town for Nora's birthday, the birthday girl stayed in our room.   Jimmy woke up extra early to be my super secret helper to set up a surprise for her.  First we hung a happy birthday sign right on the back of the bed and then we took a long spool of yarn and made a Frozen Fever style present hunt for her.  She just had to "Follow the string!"  She thought it was so very fun and exciting and the boys loved watching her do it.  
Among her stops she found: her completed Minnie dress and ears (which she already knew about, but hadn't seen all completed), the Anna dress she had asked for, a doll that used to be Mom's who she named Nancy, and a big ABC floor puzzle that you can color with dry-erase markers.  
The last stop led to her spot at the table where she found a little piggie bank with a porcelain Minnie Mouse in it.
She loved it so much.  And then she promptly dropped it on the floor.  
It broke but we were able to glue it so there weren't too many tears.
Then we made Pink Pancakes upon her request.
Then she wanted to play with her new things...
When it got close to party time, she got on her new Minnie Dress...
She was pretty excited to help assemble the cake and cupcakes as well.
We kept the party mostly family this year, but Nora really was really excited for her friend Aurea to come.  
And, of course, she is always excited for Dot to come over.  
A lot of other favorite people where in attendance also:
Mimi and Johnny...
Nana and Aunt Nat...
She got some fun Minnie presents...
Then it was time for the cake!
Then the little girls wanted to change costumes and wear all of Nora's Frozen dresses...
Then they put on a Fashion Show for the whole crowd.
They wanted to do it over and over again.  They could have gone all night!
But alas, as fun as birthdays are, they are also exhausting...
I can relate, Nora.  I was tired, too.

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  1. So many cute things happening I am on overload. But I love Billy in the mouse ears.