Thursday, August 11, 2016


I wouldn't have guessed hockey to be a sport I would encourage my kids to pick up, but thanks to the Phoenix Coyotes Little Howler Program we got four free lessons and so we tried it out.   Even the equipment was included.  The boys were so excited the day that got to go try it on.
Jimmy was super excited that Finn did it with him...
Neither of my boys had ever been ice skating, so we were really not sure how this was going to play out.  They were both so excited about it that we were worried that if all they did was fall down the whole time, that they would not want to go back.  Apparently, we didn't need to worry because they both learned to skate impressively fast.  When Gus first came off the ice he said, "That was awesome!"  They couldn't wait to get back out there.   On the first day they both used a walker but Jimmy ditched it after a little bit in the first lesson and Gus didn't need it after the second.  Don't get me wrong, they still fell down a ton, but they learned how to get back up and keep going.  By the last lesson they were actually starting to hone some real hockey skills and played scrimmages.
Nora tagged along to all the lessons to be their #1 cheerleader.
It was funny to see how completely sweaty they were in such a cold place.  I guess they were getting a good workout... and also I imagine that all that equipment gets pretty hot.  But these boys didn't complain...
I know all of them would have signed-up for more classes if Mom hadn't looked at the price and scoffed.  The equipment alone was enough to make me cry, but I pretty much knew we were not doing this to start hockey as a regular sport for us, but Jimmy is always happy to learn new skills and try every sport he can.  That is not something he inherited from me and it is something I am so grateful for.  I am glad my kids know how to skate now and we can go skating as a family more easily.  It has also given them a new appreciation for hockey.  I highly recommend it.

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