Monday, January 11, 2016

preparations and pumpkins

I usually like to get a few shots of our Halloween Preparations.  This year Gus really wanted to make his shield himself.  I originally thought I would make one of wood, but when I realized how much more time that would take, I decided cardboard would be fine (even if it won't last as long).  Gus actually painted all of the blue himself.  I just taped if off for him so it wouldn't matter if he went out of the lines and I did the silver spray paint.  I think it really does make it all more fun when they get to help and see all the hard work that goes into it.  Nora is not big enough to help with very much, but she was always happy to try on her dress as it was in process.
My favorite project this year was making wands with Jimmy...
We gathered sticks from our backyard and with some help of some hot glue and paint we made them into magical wands.  Above are Harry's (not from the first movie in case you are confused) and Ron's, which Gus wanted since he didn't want to miss out.  Below are Harry's, Snape's, Dumbledore's, Tonks', and McGonagall's.
We did our annual pumpkin carving which usually happens last minute on the day of Halloween.
(Note:  Zach's mutton chops were because he was in a play of Pride and Prejudice at his school.  He had a matinee and then had to hurry and shave them off in time to go be Snape.  What a good sport of a husband I have)
We got in our annual pumpkin shot before our pumpkins had time to rot...
 Jimmy made a Harry Potter Pumpkin and the other one is of Gus' own design...

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