Sunday, January 17, 2016

jimmy's bowling birthday

Jimmy's birthday is on All Saints Day so we always wake up a little tired from the night before.  
In fact, Gus was still in his costume from the night before...
Despite the tired face here, I promise he was really excited about this new Star Wars Lego ship...
He begged to go bowling for his birthday this year.  Since I gave him a bigger party last year, I didn't want to spend much on this and a real bowling birthday party was quite expensive.  I was able to find a Groupon that made it doable for only a few kids.  He invited three cousins, one friend, and Gus.
Zach was kind enough to let Nora take some of his turns.  Baby Danny just slept through most of it so he wasn't too sad that he didn't get a turn.
It was a good time and Jimmy loved it which was what mattered most.  
Jimmy's present from the Woods boys was a big hit with everyone...
On Monday, we took our Saint Peg Dolls to show his class and took fruit snacks as his birthday treat.
Gus and Nora were good little helpers.
Jimmy told his classmates who each one was and we passed them around.  They all seemed to think it was really neat and wanted to make them, too.
Happy 8th Birthday, Jimbo!  
Now stop getting bigger!

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